Some NPCs need to get to specific spots before the next dialogue/event/walk-to-point is triggered. Blocking their path in confined spaces might hinder the player from getting out of the NPC‘s way, thus preventing gameplay progress. This might also happen accidentally when moving NPCs are trying to get to a specific point in a confined space, thus preventing the player from exiting (and the NPC from getting to its target point). If that happens, reload the last autosave (usually when entering the scene, sometimes within scenes) and replay until you get past the block.

While being in the Doomsday club, Richard needs to interact with the barmaid. Sometimes it can occur that one of the flying drones blocks the hotspot for a short amount of time by flying right above Louisa. In that case, wait for a moment, walk around, and after a short amount of time, the drone should fly away.

It often happens that tabbing out of the game will not pause it. To make sure you are not missing anything important, please pause the game normally, before using TAB.

Fullscreen will always remain in native resolution of the screen, no matter what resolution is selected in the options menu afterwards. Changing resolutions in windowed mode works as intended.

When dragging the game from one screen to the other and then setting it back to fullscreen, it will still have the previous resolution and will display the previous resolution options. Starting the game on the intended screen right away will solve this problem.

Randomly, it might happen that some assets in a scene will flicker (usually, the textures change to white and back). This issue is rare and entirely random. Restarting the game and reloading the last save should make the flickering go away.

At the moment there are a few problems on Linux and Mac systems when using the Steam Controller that all lead to blockers in the game. Until this is fixed, please use mouse and keyboard instead.

This issue appears on Windows if the computer has a 10th generation or newer Intel processor and is most likely caused by a bug in the OpenSSL version used by Unreal Engine from version 4.18 to version 4.21.

To work around this issue, please follow the steps on

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