For now, a list of known issues and frequently asked questions can be found in the Steam Discussions of the game, which will be updated regularly, while we fix the issues that players found. In case an issue takes longer to fix, we will add it here.

Before reporting a bug, please verify the integrity of the game files to ensure that the bug is not caused by an incorrectly downloaded file. On Steam, you can do that by right-clicking on the game in your Library, then selecting Properties and in the Properties window under Local Files, click on Verify integrity of game files. In the Epic Launcher, you can do that by following the steps described in the Epic Games Player Support. In GOG Galaxy, you can do that by following the steps described in the GOG Support Center.

To report a bug, you can either use the support form or the Steam Discussions of the game. Please always include the following information in your report:

1. the platform on which you are playing the game (Windows, Xbox, PlayStation). In case of Windows, please also include if you are using Windows 10 or 11 and which edition (Home, Pro, Enterprise,...) you are using. In case of Xbox and PlayStation, please include which generation/model you are using (Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 5,...).
2. (if you are playing on Windows) the store from which you downloaded the game (Steam/GOG/Epic Store)
3. the location and situation in which the bug appeared
4. a detailed description of the bug including steps to reproduce the bug, if possible. If you have screenshots or short videos of the bug, either link them in your report or mention that you have them (if you are using the support form, you will be able to attach them later)

If you play the game on Windows, you can also prepare the following information, because – depending on the issue – the support team might request them from you:
1. a dxdiag report (the steps to create one are described on the Microsoft Support page)
2. (if the game crashed) the crash report log

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