The game is supposed to support older hardware specs, too. It might help to close every other program running on your PC.

Unfortunately, Windows 10 32-bit PCs are not supported.

It is recommended to take a close look at all the environments in search of hints. Same goes for the narrated texts, which contain lots of clues to the puzzles. In addition, Candle is not a linear game. If you cannot proceed at one place maybe you can go back to another scene to make some progress there.

We recommend a controller to play the game. Additionally, you might want to try to switch between modern and retro controls in the settings of the main menu.

The game doesn’t support the mouse. Everything can be done by keyboard or a controller.

All the autosaves are just temporarily to provide best game experience. You should save manually at the savespots often and regularly. Especially before closing the game.

Cool, thanks for your interest in the game!
We use to manage our streaming requests. If you don't have an account there you can create one for free and look for our profile with the games.

Every graphic and animation is literally handmade and was digitalized afterwards.
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