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Glitchpunk was meant to be - and still is an hommage to the oldschool action titles of the late 90s, which is why we in the beginning had a strong opinion against auto save - but during development we realized that quality of life features sometimes rules over nostalgia. Since this is still an high effort implementation, we are still in the process of finalizing it.

For now you would still have to travel to your safe house (house icon on the minimap) and interact with the hologram to trigger the saving dialogue - So in short:

We are looking forward to implement a more convenient way of saving for you soon.

Steps to save your progress:

  • travel to safe house
  • interact with hologram to save your progress

In rare cases, the loading routine does not complete. If this happens you will have to force quit the game (Alt + F4), restart and load again.

In certain cases, if multiple missions were available from one faction at the time of saving, only one of them is available after loading. The other missions are now available sequentially rather than simultaneously. They can be completed one after the other.

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