Depending on your difficulty level, you will trigger a salvation mission that gives you a $tarch reward when you have less than 200 $tarch in your bank. But prevention is better than cure! Here are some tips:
1) Ensure that you send your best spies on missions. Highly successful missions earn you higher ranks and more $tarch!
2) Equip gadgets that give bonuses on mission rewards. Cat Paws, anyone?
3) Activate spot bonuses that give $tarch boosts. Try Broccoli Tree, Phone Booth, and Pile of Homework.
4) Accept requests in the mailbox and do side missions! Be wary not to fail them since it will penalize your $tarch instead.
5) Be mindful of your spending. Training can be expensive, use it sparingly on the right spies!
6) Wait for Kumo to bring back some $tarch.
7) If in dire straits, sell your gadgets, if any.

It all boils down to one thing - your spies need more training. Keep training your spies as you progress through the game. Higher level missions require much, much stronger spies!

Choose your actions wisely during mission planning - if you use actions that the obstacles are resistant/immune against, the mission will be riskier! You can try researching alternative routes by unlocking grids (Level 2 missions onward). You can also equip gadgets and activate combos to boost your stats.

In general, yes - but strategically! Ask yourself this question: Do you really need this spy to be strong in all stats? Or should training be more specialized? You can check the job class tree to see which stats they specialize in. Be sure to focus on those stats first!

Enemy resistances and weaknesses are generated randomly during special missions. You have to make a guess on their weakness and react fast. Some things you can do:
1) Select the right supporting spies to ensure that Ren is strong in all 4 stats so that you can react accordingly. Do not start the mission when it says HIGH RISK!
2) Equip gadgets and activate combos to boost the stats even further.
3) Have a skill ready to boost each one of the four stats, you never know when you'll need them!
4) Save your skills for more difficult opponents, like Bosses and Guard Captains.

Most of them are unlocked by decrypting codices. You can get codices by completing missions. Missions that accomplish a rank of A / S have a better chance to give higher level codices, so make sure you send your best spies!

You can also unlock certain decorations by completing side mission requests.

You can get them when you hire a new spy, decrypt codices, or complete certain requests in your mailbox! Make sure you don't have any ongoing special spy mission or bankruptcy mission, else the game will not unlock a new special spy for you.

You have to pair certain gadgets and vehicles in the mission plan to trigger the combo. Check out the full combo list by clicking on your agency name! Once a combo is triggered, the combo list will be updated with the relevant information.

You have to place three buildings near each other to trigger a Spot Bonus. The buildings must not be separated more than two grids away from each other, similar to the range displayed when placing decorations. Check out the full spot list by clicking on your agency name!

Normal mode is the way the game was meant to be played. If you are new to simulation games, I would suggest to try Easy mode first - the multitasking can get quite hectic! Try out the Hard mode if you'd like some challenge in your life. You've been warned.

The difficulty levels mainly differ by the amount of $tarch reward and the mission expiry duration.

You can manually save by clicking the gear icon at the top right corner of the screen. The game also automatically saves your progress each time a Main Task is completed. You can change the autosave option in settings.

You can assign Gadgets to Kumo and wait for her to come back with a reward. This reward can be $tarch, Blueprints, or Codex. The amount of rewards or rarity of the codex differs based on the gadget level you gave her. She also flies around the base acting cute.

Gadgets have durabilities, and they gets reduced everytime they are used on a mission or assigned to Kumo. The lower the gadget durability is, the more likely it will break. Failing a mission breaks your gadget every time, so make sure you abort your mission before it fails!

No! The aforementioned job class has a REALLY, really high stats growth when they level up - so it's compensated by having no skills. On the other hand, one job class has super powerful skills but very low stats growth. Splice them both to get the best possible spy!

Spies will learn new skills when they reach level 3 and 7 for most of the job classes - except special spies who comes with a default skill at level 1. You can also learn a new skill through enhancements - by chance!

You will face a series of opponents and you can choose your actions against them on the spot by clicking on the corresponding stats (round buttons) or skills (rectangular buttons). You can change your actions during the battle by clicking different buttons. However, skills only last a certain number of turns, so be sure to use them at the right time!

Special spies have their own unique missions that only they can embark on, and they have to be completed before they expire, or the spy will leave. Do note that some special spies have a series of more than one mission, and all of them have to be completed before the spy chooses to stay.

When the mission timer runs out, the mission expires. If a main mission expires, it's GAME OVER! If it's a side mission, you may lose some $tarch. If the mission is part of a series, you will not receive the subsequent mission(s) in the series too.

Sometimes, Kumo gets too excited until she accidentally sits on the gadgets.

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