Where can I find my savegame folder?

You can find your/put savegames here:

Windows (bought on Steam): %LocalAppData%/Daedalic Entertainment GmbH\StateOfMind\Saved\[specific User ID]\SaveGames
Windows (bought on GOG or different online stores): %LocalAppData%/Daedalic Entertainment GmbH\StateOfMind\Saved\SaveGames
Mac (bought on Steam or GOG): ~/Library/Application Support/Daedalic Entertainment GmbH/State of Mind/Saved/SaveGames
Mac (bought on Mac App Store or other online stores): ~/Library\containers\de.daedalic.StateOfMind.mac\data\Library\application support\Daedalic Entertainment GmbH\State of Mind\(*Subfolder*)\*Savegame*
Linux: /home/*user*/.local/share/Daedalic Entertainment GmbH/StateOfMind/Saved/SaveGames

All story savegames for State of Mind


Storysave 1
Ch01_GT0 - Richard - Richard's Apartment - 'I'm Simon your Base-V-Home Assistant'

Richard waking up for the first time in his apartment after his check-up in the clinic.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 1 (45,1 KB)

Storysave 2
Ch01_GT0 - Adam - Adam's Apartment - 'Breakfast'

Adam wakes up in his apartment for the first time and needs to take care of his son John.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 2 (55,1 KB)

Storysave 3
Ch01_GT1 - Adam - Infinity Plaza - 'Come on, let's go home!'

Adam walking home to the Infinity Plaza with his son John after he got him back from the clinic.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 3 (76,8 KB)

Storysave 4
Ch02_GT1 - Richard - West Plaza - 'Steve has to help me'

Richard crossing the West Plaza to go his workplace, The Voice, to meet his colleague Steve.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 4 (88,8 KB)

Storysave 5
Ch02_GT3 - Richard - West Plaza - 'Some guy called J'

Richard waking up in the alley on West Plaza, after he got beaten up by the dealers.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 5 (107 KB)

Storysave 6
Ch02_GT4 - Richard - Doomsday - 'You want to go to Doomsday'

Richard arrives at Doomsday club via train and needs to find a way inside.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 6 (112 KB)

Storysave 7
Ch01_GT0 - Richard - Richard's Apartment - 'I'm calling from Berlin...'

Richard arriving home after the Doomsday raid and his conversation with Kosowski. He wants to make contact to Adam.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 7 (124 KB)

Storysave 8
Ch03_GT14 - Tracy - Memento 1 Doomsday - 'Must be some kind of VR'

Memento 1: Tracy needs to find her music box in front of the Doomsday club.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 8 (133 KB)

Storysave 9
Ch03_GT7 - Richard - The Voice - 'Are these the movescan results'

Richard visiting Steve in The Voice in order to analyse the movescan search Steve did for him.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 9 (156 KB)

Storysave 10
Ch03_GT7 - Adam - The Present - 'Nice to see you back at work!'

Adam arriving at his workplace The Present. Collecting Data fragment No. 2.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 10 (172 KB)

Storysave 11
Ch03_GT9 - Adam - Recreation Center (Clinics) - 'You should see the doctor'

Adam going to the Recreation Center (clinics) in order to get a check-up from Dr. Sykes. Collecting Data fragment No. 3.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 11 (181 KB)

Storysave 12
Ch03_GT8 - Adam - Liquid Sky - 'Come and visit Liquid Sky!'

Adam meeting his wife Amy at the art exhibition Liquid Sky in the Lantern Quarter. Collecting Data fragment No. 4.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 12 (191 KB)

Storysave 13
Ch03_GTNA - Richard - Memento 2 Richard's Apartment - 'Don't eels live in fresh water'

Memento 2: Richard and Tracy in Richard's apartment. Richard needs to create the perfect ambience in order to propose to Tracy.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 13 (198 KB)

Storysave 14
Ch03_GTNA - Lydia - Memento 3 Kurtz Research Facilities - 'Thats not ME!'

Memento 3: Lydia struggling for realtity in a minigame which explains her background story.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 14 (207 KB)

Storysave 15
Ch03_GTNA - Lydia - Memento 3 Queens - 'Welcome to c.cret, Crystal249'

Memento 3: Lydia in her shared Apartment in Queens doing her job of serving cyber sex customers.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 15 (215 KB)

Storysave 16
Ch03_GT11 - Richard - Richard's Apartment - 'Anatomical studies, neural networks...'

Richard arrives in his apartment with the documents he got from Walter in The Voice.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 16 (225 KB)

Storysave 17
Ch04_GTNA - Simon - Kurtz Research Facilities - 'Testing speech module'

Memento 4: Simon in the Kurtz Research Facilities witnessing his own Base-V calibration.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 17 (230 KB)

Storysave 18
Ch04_GTNA - Simon - Mobility Port New York - 'Whats your name young human'

Memento 4: Simon at the Mobility Port New York, meeting James Nolan, Richards son.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 18 (253 KB)

Storysave 19
Ch04_GT12 - Adam - Recreation Center (Clinics) - 'I need to find John!'

Adam on his mission to find his son John at the Kurtz Recreation Center (clinics).

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 19 (268 KB)

Storysave 20
Ch04_GT14 - Richard - Richard's Apartment - 'The module!'

Richard in his apartment, needing to talk to Simon in order to get his module back at the Voice.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 20 (281 KB)

Storysave 21
Ch04_GT16a - Richard - Mobility Port Berlin - 'I'm catching the next train.'

Richard at the Mobility Port Berlin on his way to catch the next Aero Train to New York to meet up with Lydia.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 21 (295 KB)

Storysave 22
Ch04_GT16 - Richard - Montauk Outside - 'Just stroll in'

Richard and Lydia arriving in Montauk, while someone is already waiting for them.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 22 (301 KB)

Storysave 23
Ch05_GT16 - Richard - Kurtz Research Facilities - 'Cameras everywhere...'

Richard struggling to get through a section of the Montauk Labs with a lot of security cameras.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 23 (310 KB)

Storysave 24
Ch05_GT16 - Richard - Kurtz Research Facilities - 'DON'T TOUCH ME!'

Reunification of Richard and Lydia in the Montauk Labs.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 24 (316 KB)

Storysave 25
Ch05_GT16 - Richard - Mobility Port Berlin, Inside - 'The old subway tunnels!'

Richard and Lydia need to find the entrance to the old subway tunnels in the Mobility Port Berlin.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 25 (322 KB)

Storysave 26
Ch05_GT16 - Richard - Old Train Depot - 'We have to find a light switch'

Richard needs to find a way to get a train working in order to break through a barrier.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 26 (336 KB)

Storysave 27
Ch05_GT16 - John - Adams's Apartment - 'I have to go back. To my family!'

In Adam's apartment, John tries to contact Richard, in order to go to the Dome.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 27 (349 KB)

Storysave 28
Ch05_GT17 - John - The Dome - 'Let my boy go!'

Finale. John is in the inner part of the Dome.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME Storysave 28 (366 KB)

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