Please make sure that the color depth of the game matches the color depth of your monitor. Go to your Steam library and right-click on the game to select the Visionaire Configuration Tool. In there, please set the color depth to 32bit and make sure you have the same setting for your monitor.

You have to right-click on the bank slope in the lower right corner of the screen. Then, Geron notices something lying there and you can pick up the cart wheel.

The standard German retail box of the game includes a Steam version of the game. You need a Steam account to install this version of Chains os Satinav. A DRM-free version without required internet connection can be found in the "Die Abenteuer" box, which includes both Chains of Satinav and the sequel Memoria. Also, there is a DRM-free download version of the game next to the Steam key, whenever Chains of Satinav is in a Humble Bundle sale or store.

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