Town: Bench Alley, Lucy wakes up after a nightmare she had while resting on the bench.

Blue invites her to join the other children to play in Town Square.

Her mother (Eloise) comes to pick her up soon after and they go home.

Home: At Home Lucy finds her father (Cole) and the cat (Squinty).

Lucy is asked to bring a Saucepan for cooking (close to the entrance door) and then Firewood for the fireplace, which requires her to collect the Toy Mouse from her Bedroom upstairs.

In her Bedroom Lucy finds also her Diary (all notes and stickers go here), while using the Toy Mouse on Squinty in First Floor lets her gain her first note [S1,N1].(There are 4 songs in the game, each made of 3 notes [S1,N1] = first note of the first song; [S1] = first song etc…)

In Second Floor interacting with the mirror Lucy can get the Mirror sticker.

Lucy then goes in the Cellar to collect some Sausages (which requires to grab and light the Candle in the fireplace first) and coming back she eavesdrops from her parents.

As a final task, she is requested to collect salt from on top of the cabinet (close to the entrance door), and needs the Stool to reach it.

She fails and drops, at which point Eloise suggests she go outside to play a bit (father is against it).

Town: In Alley Lucy meets an old crazy lady (Angela), who tells her that all other adults are cowards (foreshadowing later reveals), and gives her a sticker (Trinket).

Interacting with the trombone will also let Lucy collect the Trombone sticker.

Lucy also breaks the Handle from a door and uses it as a clapper to repair the door's bell, collecting a note [S1,N2].

The sun goes down, and while looking for her cat Lucy is frightened by some shadows (one of the monsters?) and sprints back home.

Home: After dinner, Lucy is shown enjoying learning how to sing from her mother, collecting a note [S2,N1].

Going to bed Lucy hears the growls of the monsters coming from the window. A nightmare follows.

Home: Lucy wakes up after the nightmare. It's the day of the Harvest Festival, the most important festival in the town.

Alley: In her Bedroom, she collects a Broken Slingshot.

In First Floor, Eloise asks Lucy to do some shopping around the town and collect the 4 ingredients marked in the List to prepare food for the festival [Mushrooms, Water, Bread, Veggies].

Out of her house (Alley), Lucy collects the Tights left hanging to dry, which combine with the Broken Slingshot to make a Slingshot.

She also sees her friend Sunny, who tells her that some of their friends led by Red are secretly playing in Barn Haystack.

The other children don't let Sunny (a goody-two-shoes) enter and she is worried they might be doing something dangerous, so Lucy decides to go take a look.

Town Square: In Town Square, Watercan be collected immediately by picking up and using the Bucket.

Right under the well, Blue is looking at his ball stuck on the bell tower.

Using the Slingshot Lucy shoots the ball down.

The bell rings from the hit and Lucy collects a note [S1,N3] completing the first song, the {Children's Song} [S1].

Tutorial follows on how to use it on Blue and how to solve the minigame <ropes minigame>.

Forest Way: Mushrooms (Forest Way) can be picked up immediately close to the gate to the right with no requirements.

Bench Alley: In Bench Alley Lucy finds a box laying on the ground: interacting once will let her collect the Toy sticker.

Checking the box again will get Lucy the Empty Box to use later at Home.

Interacting with the basement window of the bakery it will be possible to peek inside.

Using [S1] on Marcello (the baker) and solving the minigame will make him look for his son Luca (disappeared in Day 1) in the forest, leaving Lucy the Bread and a Candy.

Checking the small spyglass at the end of Bench Alley gets Lucy the Spyglass sticker.

Town: Silver is standing guard in Barn Alley, stopping Lucy from reaching the other children.

Giving Silver the Candy allows to progress.

Once in Barn Inside, Lucy is able to peek at the other children playing with a home-made cart with stolen doorknobs for wheels.

Using the Slingshot Lucy can break the track and force them to stop.

Going in the area where they were playing (Barn Haystack) Lucy collects the Knob.

Putting the Knob on Olivia's door in Friend House will let her enter and give Lucy the last ingredient for the festival (Veggies).

Going back to Barn Haystack Lucy collects the Footprint sticker.

Home: Once all ingredients are acquired they will combine into a Shopping Bag to bring back Home to Eloise.

Using the Empty Box in Bedroom on the drawer and leaving/reentering will move Squinty out and let Lucy collect a secret note [S4,N1].

Giving Eloise the Shopping Bag makes the game progress and the Festival start.

Town Square: At the festival, Lucy is given 5x Sandwitch to give the people attending.

Giving a Sandwitch to Coal (the dog) will give Lucy the Puppy sticker.

Once at least 4x Sandwitch are delivered, Lucy can speak with her mother Eloise and given permission to join her friends.

Raven asks Sunny to tell a horror story, but she can't think of anything and Lucy steps in to save her from the awkward moment.

A text-based minigame starts where Lucy can craft a Horror Story based on which alternatives she picks. Story can either be lame or scary.

Red follows up with his story and scares everyone at the end with a shout, which ends up with him being grounded and Blue crying.

Home: Lucy is back home with her mother singing. Lucy acquires a new note [S2,N2].

Eloise suddenly remembers she has something to do outside, and leaves Lucy looking after the dinner on the fire.

After a while, the father Cole comes up from the cellar and realizes Eloise has been gone for too long, and it is dark outside.

A cinematic follows where Lucy runs outside and sees a white monster on the streets before being found by her father.

Lucy acquires a new note [S3,N1].

A nightmare follows.

Home: Lucy wakes up in her Bedroom and mentions that her mother (Eloise) hasn't returned since the day she disappeared.

Lucy realizes she does not really know much about the monsters and the forest, and decides to investigate (even if it is cleary against the rules).

On First Floor, Lucy notices her father (Cole) is out working and left her a Doll and a Note, in wich he ask her to not leave the house.

Mother's friend (Olivia) comes looking for Cole and decides to wait for him to come back.

She brings some Cookies and Lucy would like to ask her questions, but she is unwilling to speak. [S1] does not work either.

Olivia asks Lucy to prepare her some tea, and Lucy agrees collecting the Saucepan, filling it up (Filled Saucepan) and putting it on the fire (Hot Water).

Lucy looks for the Tea Leaves in the drawer near the stairs and has to put the labels back together <tea leaves minigame>.

After preparing Olivia some spicy Tea, Lucy is able to use [S1] on her to see some memories of her past with Eloise.

As Olivia is unwilling to say more, Lucy leaves the house with the excuse of looking for the father.

Town: In Barn Haystack, Lucy can collect a Rake to give later to Sunny.

She can also speak with Angela to get two clues and a note [S2,N3], completing the second song, {Mom's song} [S2].

Tutorial follows on how to use it on the hopscotch on the ground and how to solve the minigame <gears minigame>.

Leaving and re-entering the area now, Angela will be gone and it will be possible to pick up the Crate she was standing on.

Going back to Alley, Lucy can use [S2] on the hat close to Coal to see he wants to go back to his owner.

In Farm, checking the bees house on the left will get Lucy a Rusty Key to open a toolbox in the Barn for a Hammer and a Hook.

Back in Farm, using the Hammer on the bunny cages will free the bunnies and make the farmer (Tom) leave.

Placing the Crate under the cherry tree on the right will get Lucy a Branch Full Of Cherries for Sunny.

Interacting with the scarecrow will also give Lucy a Peel for Silver.

In Town Square, giving Sunny the Branch Full Of Cherries and the Rake it will be possible to get the Shears from her.

Lucy can also get two clues from Esther near the river (first one talking, second using [S1]).

A Stone hidden behind the church's roof can be thrown into the well to obtain the Well sticker.

Town: In Bench Alley, Lucy encounters Silver blocking the path again.

Using [S1] on Silver will convince him to let you pass in exchange for the Peel.

Lucy is then able to interact with Red, Black and Raven. One clue is acquired talking with Raven.

Beating Red and Black at the race minigame with the two animals will get them to share their two clues (one each).

Going back to the barn and using [S2] on the sack of flour it will be possible to talk with Blue.

Asking Blue about Luca, his disappeared friend (only possible thanks to Black's hint) will give Lucy another clue.

Back in Alley, using the Shears frees the dog and leaves the Rope on the ground for Lucy to pick.

Going to Square Lucy sees Coal walking towards the forest. Lucy can follow the dog in Forest Way to collect the Dog Furr sticker.

Back in Square Lucy can speak with Angus who wants to be left alone.

Using [S1] on him reveals he is thinking about a specific flower (Thibescus).

Going to Friend House and combining Rope and Hook gives Lucy the Grappling Hook to enter into Olivia's garden and steal her Thibescus.

Checking Olivia's home door gives Lucy the Friend Door sticker.

Back in Square again, giving Angus the flower will make him speak about his sister.

Using [S2] on the Thibescus completes the exchange and give Lucy the final clue.

It is also possible to give the Shears back to Sunny once the dog has been freed.

This completes the evidence list, and Lucy can go back Home.

Home: Back Home Lucy argues with her father (Cole), who tells her a half-truth about the forest.

Lucy tears her diary, disabling her songs. Another nightmare follows.

Home: Lucy wakes up in her Bedroom and collects the Hammer from the previous day.

Then she goes down where Cole is preparing breakfast.

Going in the cellar she collects 2x Cork from the boxes with empty bottles.

A third Cork is on the kitchen table close to the oil bottle.

Noticing the cat is not in the house, Lucy goes out looking for him.

Alley: In Alley, Red's father (Gregory) is demolishing the woodworker's stuff and does not let you get close.

The fountain's faucet has been left open creating a big puddle of water.

Squinty's footprints can be noticed going toward the patched wall.

Closing the fountain will make water burst from three holes in the pipes, with the red valve too rusty to be moved.

From the kitchen table in Home Lucy can pick up the Oil to loosen up the valve, and closing it makes the water stop.

There are two small holes where Lucy can place the two Cork, securing them using the Hammer after placing them.

Opening the water now will create a jet that will hit the patched wall and let a Cloth fall down.

After shutting the water down again, Lucy can combine the Cloth with the last Cork to make a Clothed Cork to plug the bigger hole.

Opening the water now will generate a stronger jet that will demolish the patched wall.

Cole comes out looking for Lucy, and she escapes in the hole to avoid being seen and (presumably) punished for the mess.

School: Once inside, Lucy spots Squinty on the tree, and a Ladder attached to the house wall.

Examining the window in the middle gets Lucy the Ruler sticker.

Break the window with the Hammer Lucy gets a Shard of Glass she uses to cut the rope.

Moving the ladder to the tree Lucy climbs up only to see the ladder fall.

The crazy old lady (Angela) then comes out of the house and help Lucy out.

Angela tells Lucy she found her torn diary page and added a note [S3,N2], which Lucy takes back before returning home.

Home: At home, Lucy uses [S2] on the Diary page and thinks about her mother.

Town: Later Lucy joins the other children in Town Square playing hide and seek. Silver is visible behind the well.

In Farm, Red prepared a trap for Lucy on the cherry tree.

After he leaves, Lucy picks up the Fake Spiders for later.

In Alley, Lucy sees Black hidden in the woodsworker shed, with Gregory still working and not letting her pass.

Using [S2] on the trombone will make Gregory leave. Once Lucy gets to Black he will complain and hide again close to the fountain.

Using the Fake Spiders on the shed and finding Black again will make him trigger the trap and go back to Town Square.

In Barn Inside Lucy finds a letter from Blue containing the Blue Trick sticker.

In Bench Alley Lucy finds Raven and telling her Black was captured will make her go back.

In front of the bakery there is a big pile of hay, inspect it Lucy will find Blue's secret hideout.

Examining the hole at the end of the cave gives Lucy a secret note [S4,N2].

In Forest Way, Lucy will finds Sunny. Singing [S1] will make her notice Lucy.

Checking the gate and reporting back to Sunny will be enough for her to go back.

Once all children are gathered, a series of cutscenes will follow, at the end of which Lucy will find herself in the forest.

Entrance: In Entrance a strange squirrel steals Lucy's Doll and climbs a tree.

Trying to catch the squirrel will make it go higher and give Lucy a Branch.

[S1] changes and can now be used to grow vines and roots.

Using [S1] on the seedling next to the tree will make it grow into a vine.

Climbing the vine will break it and give the squirrel a chance to flee to the lower part.

Lucy collects the Vine and picks up the intact strange-looking fruit (Gross Fruit).

The next area is a puzzle were Lucy has to block all the excape routes of the squirrel.

Going at the bottom-right of the map, Lucy picks up a giant Snail.

Combining the Snail with the Gross Fruit to make a Sticky Snail, Lucy uses it to block the rock on the bottom-left.

Inspecting either of the red brambles on the left Lucy regains control of [S2] which now moves brambles away.

Using [S2] on either of them will block another escape place and let some light enter the forest.

Placing the Glass Shard from the morning on on the small statue's head will close the final escape route.

Going towards the squirrel Lucy will grab it only for the animal to escape again.

Freeing the Snail glued to the rock will get Lucy the Snail sticker.

Lucy chases the squirrel through the monster-looking trunk at the bottom.

???: A short corridor to traverse from left to right.

Trunk Walk: In Trunk Walk Lucy finds herself in a big space with a giant monster patrolling from afar.

There are 3 levels (lines) between Lucy and the moster, with Lucy starting from the 1st level (the furthest from the monster).

In the 1st level, Lucy can move to the right waiting for the monster to look elsewhere.

Trying to move to the right again will have the moster spot Lucy.

She will fall back making an animal skeleton collapse and opening the way to the 2nd level.

Collecting the Skull and combining it with the Vine creates a Skull Hook for later.

On the 2nd level going left and waiting for the monster to look away, Lucy reaches a water source blocked by debris.

Using the Skull Hook twice will remove the debris and make water flow again.

The water will feed some of the vines (gold), by pulling which Lucy can distract the monster for some seconds.

Going back to the 1st level, it is possible to pull the vine on the right to stun the monster and go further right.

This will bring Lucy in front of some unearthed blue roots.

Playing [S1] will make the roots grow and reach the water, activating more vines (blue).

Back in the 2nd level, it will be possible to go right using the blue vines to distract the monster and reach some red brambles.

Singing [S2] will make them move elsewhere, letting the blue roots get water and activating more blue vines.

Going to the 3rd level, Lucy will be able to go right and see red brambles holding a Trunk Key.

Singing [S2] the root will move up, letting Lucy pass.

Using the Branch on the long vine, it will be possible to use the vine from the cave upstairs to distract the monster and use [S2] to move the roots again.

Going down and singing [S2] one final time while close to the door Lucy will move the brambles back but the Trunk Key will be reachable now.

Using [S2] to open the way again and placing the Trunk key on the far left will get Lucy the Secret sticker.

Using the Trunk Key on the door on the far right will let Lucy advance.

Chase: Lucy runs from the monster.

Trunk Bud: Minigame where Lucy has to touch the six flower pistils in the right order to progress.

Narrow Tunnel: A short corridor to traverse from left to right.

Labyrinth Intro: In Labyrinth Intro Lucy wakes up surrounded by three birds that soon fly away.

The Offroad sticker can be found a bit higher up on what looks a separate island on the right.

Going further, Lucy finds herself in front of a statue.

Inspecting the statue gives Lucy the [S3,N3] note completing the {Song of the Forest} [S3], able to make illusions disappear.

Tutorial follows on how to use it on an illusion and how to solve the minigame <eyes minigame>.

This opens up the way for the Labyrinth.

Labyrinth: Labyrinth is a loop section and to exit Lucy needs to sing each bird the right song.

The birds are of three colors (Red, Blue, Green) and the right song is the one with the cover of the same color of the bird in the Diary.

Once a bird hears the right song, it will point Lucy to the right direction to follow.

Once all three birds will be done Lucy will recognize the way and sprint to the town.

Town: Back in town, Lucy seems unable to communicate with the people, who are terrified.

Cole drags her home.

Home: Lucy is in her Bedroom very sad from not understand what people are saying.

In Second Floor, she notices the door to Parent Room is covered by brambles and uses [S2] to open it. Inside there is a wardrobe.

Using [S3] Lucy can reveal a locked drawer of the wardrobe. It needs a key to be opened.

In the Cellar, there are shards of glass everywhere and Lucy can pick up the Cellar sticker.

Going downstairs she notices Eloise's carillon is covered in brambles too.

Once removed with [S2], she needs a key to open it.

Cole locked Lucy inside and she needs to find a way to get out.

Lucy picks up the Fire Iron from the fireplace and uses it on the cat's exit to the right side of the door to go out.


Alley: In Fountain road the farmer (Tom) blocks the way to the Town Square.

The friend waits for Lucy close to the woodworker shed. Using [S1] allows to understand the friend.

The hole to the School has been patched up, but using [S3] reveals a letter box.

In the letterbox Lucy finds a Mail with a Message and a Tiny Key.


Home: Back Home Lucy uses the Tiny Key to opening the carillon, finding a Brass Key.

Using the Brass Key on the locked drawer in Parent Room Lucy finds some letters that hint at the fact Eloise is still alive.

Cole enters the room and the two argue, which ends with Lucy locked up in her room.

Determined to find out the truth, Lucy waits for the night to sneak out and go to the forest.

Once dark, Lucy collects the Emergency Cookies from her drawer, her Sheet and Blanket (to combine into a Makeshift Rope), a Jar and a Sock.

Once everything is collected, using the Makeshift Rope on the window will let her outside.

Trap Roots: Lucy arrives in the forest (Trap Roots), combines Jar and the Emergency Cookies and adds water from the pond to get a Sweet Jar.

Putting the Sweet Jar close to the light on the right will attract and capture some Fireflies giving Lucy some light to advance.

Checking the tree close to the waterfall Lucy collects the Doll sticker.

A tree close to where the fireflies are has some old Bark which can be removed and used as a sled on the waterfall to go down.

Fountain: In Fountain, Lucy arrives at a strange watermill and solves 3 riddles (the other are not solvable now) to obtain 3x Shard.

The solved riddles are (from left to right on the grid below the watermill and from low to high on the stone drawer): n.2, n.3, n.4.

Island 2: [Position n.2] In Island 3, collect the Basin Covered In Sand from the ground and move to Island 2.

In Island 2, use [S3] to make the statue appear and place the Basin Covered In Sand on it.

Island 1-4: [Position n.3] In Island 1-4, solve the easy one closer to the way to the watermill.

Island 5: [Position n.4] In Island 5, use [S1] on the vine and make the water wash down the nest, then use the Fire Iron to pick the Wax up and then combining Sock and Wax to use it to fix the cracked vase.

Fountain: Back in Fountain, placing the 3x Shard on the holes near the watermill and activating the mechanism will half-open the door for Lucy to crawl under it.

Transition: In Transition, Lucy finds herself in a corridor area and proceeds left.

After removing some brambles with [S2] Lucy loses the fireflies and remains in total darkness. Inspecting further left makes her fall in Clearing.

Clearing: In Clearing, Lucy falls and lands close to the beast.

While in front of the beast, Lucy picks up a Stone and throws it, missing the creature, which howls in response.

This makes Lucy understand there's nothing to fear from the beast and the forest (which will look less menacing from now on).

In the following scene, Lucy decides to go back to the town to inform everyone and the beast decides to accompany her.

Follows a tutorial on how to communicate with the beast: in order to pass an unstable trunk, Lucy uses [S1] to make the beast stay, and [S2] to make beast follow once she has passed the trunk already.

In front of the steep wall that she fell from before, Lucy uses [S3] to make the beast help her climb.


Transition: Lucy is now back in Transition with the previously unsolvable puzzle.

Using [S3] close to the rock, Lucy will be able to climb on the beast and use the Fire Iron on the dangling fruit to make it fall and hit the Weird Rune.

After reaching the Weird Rune from the column, Lucy can use [S3] on the right end of the corridor to make a door appear, and use the Weird Rune as a key to enter the Cave.

Cave: In Cave, Lucy finds two pedestals.

Using [S2] to make the beast stand on one and placing Lucy on the other will open the door.

Checking the paintings on the wall gives Lucy the last sticker, Genesis.

At the end of the corridor it will be possible to use [S3] on the stele to make Lucy exit from the small opening - the stele crumbles and the beast is left behind.

Cliff: In Cliff, using the Fire Iron on the withered tree Lucy breaks the corridor she was on and falls down.

Island 3: Lucy falls in Island 3. Collecting the Small Basin that fell with Lucy it will be possible to unlock the fountain.

Going back to Fountain and putting the mechanism in [Position n.1], it will be possible to solve the fountain in Island 3, collecting another Shard.

Back in Fountain again, placing the Shard on the last hole close to the waterwhell and activating the mechanism will open the door completely, reuniting Lucy and the beast.

Move the mechanism in [Position n.5] to activate the last riddle in Island 1-4.

Island 5: In Island 5, find the secret area on the left and use [S3] to climb and investingate the flower bed to obtain the final secret note [S4,N3], completing the {Song of the World} [S4].

Island 1-4: The last riddle in Island 1-4 requires Lucy and the beast to stand on the two pressure plates using [S2] to be completed.

The additional Shard gained this way can be placed on the hole to the right of the waterwheel to make some stairs appear and go back to Trap Roots.

Trap Roots: Once back in Trap Roots, a crevice will open and Lucy will fall in.

Using [S2] to ask the beast to stand up, moving to the right and using [S3] will make the beast catch a vine.

Going back left and singing [S3] the beast will pass the vine to Lucy through the hole.

Using [S1] while Lucy moves back to secure the vine to the rock, and then using [S2] will make the beast pull, which will get the rock stuck on the hole.

Singing [S3] close to the rock will have the beast use a branch to pull with more strengh and move the rock up, causing a small landslide which makes Lucy fall down below.

???: Clicking anywhere 3 times will have the beast arrive. They both leave for the town.

Ending: Lucy can select to sing any of the songs acquired to complete the game.