Make sure your video card supports DirectX 11. You should also update your video card drivers.
You can find latest drivers for your video card on the manufacturer’s website.

You can follow this link to find out more about the DirectX: How to install the latest version of DirectX

Yes, you can either do that in video options, or just press F11.

You can simply click on the country flag in the main menu. It is located at the top right corner. Then you can select any of the supported languages.

You can follow the developers blog at Atomic Torch Blog, all of the news and updates are posted there first.

Yes. You can find it at CryoFall Wiki. It is still work in progress, though.

Yes. You can do so without restrictions. You can also monetize your videos and streams.
You are however obligated to add a link to the game website and Steam page in the description of your video. Aside from that small requirement – we are very happy to see your videos and streams!

The main world in the game is carefully handcrafted by the developers, however anyone can add their own custom map to the game, including a randomly generated one with some effort.

Literally anything. The whole game itself is a mod for the engine written in C# and fully open source. Anything that already exists in the game can be added or removed. This makes total conversions entirely possible and easy to implement.

First of all – make sure you are joining the same server as on your last playthrough. Characters are per server, so if you join a different server you will have a completely new character.
Additionally, all official servers are reset (wiped) with every major version release, so that could also be the reason.

Please try restarting your router (if you're connecting via a 3G/4G phone, please restart it). Please ensure the game is allowed through the Windows Firewall or any other 3rd party Firewall software you might have installed. If you still have the issue, please contact us directly.

In some cases VPN will not pass the traffic to Master Server or game server. Please ensure you're using UDP mode in your VPN client software. We recommend connecting directly if possible.

It's not possible. There is only a single orientation for every building.

Please use the crowbar tool. You will recover small amount of resources spent on deconstruction.

You can place another one and it will be your new respawn point. If you want to remove the sleeping bag from the game world, you can deconstruct it with the crowbar tool same as other buildings.

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