The game automatically saves three different things: the start of the current galaxy, the last visit to the Star Hub, and the beginning of the last SOL. Manual saving isn't possible.

When you run out of SOLs in a galaxy, evil Eclipse henchmen will appear and challenge you to a boss fight that you most likely will lose. So make sure to get back to the Star Hub and leave the galaxy before running out of time.
Pro tip #1: You can use the portal even when the Eclipse boss is already there, but only if you are at the Star Hub already.
Pro tip #2: Use the taxi service to get back to the Star Hub within 1 SOL, but be prepared to pay the astronomically large costs they are asking.

The basic ship will remain the same throughout the game. However, you can upgrade and change your weapons as well as the individual parts of the ship, making it better prepared against the higher level enemies you'll encounter as you progress through the game.

Coming back is not possible. And even if it was, would you really want to come back to a place filled with Eclipse henchmen looking just for you?

Yes, you can explore all the planets in a galaxy even after you finish all the quests in it. You'll be able to get more $tarch, ressources and weapon parts that way. Just make sure you get back to the Star Hub before the Eclipse arrives.

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