Your evil minions are indeed very violent and deadly, but unfortunately they’re also pretty stupid. Therefore, it can occur that they tend to forget which direction leads to the enemy =)

You have different alternatives:
You could decrease the difficulty for each level.
And don’t forget: Gained blood points can be spend on improving your towers, troops, etc. in your skill tree.
Also, every hero has his or her own special troops and spells, maybe you should try out another hero for certain levels.
Sometimes it’s also helpful to take a look into the library and to inform yourself about the strengths and weaknesses of your enemies.

The longer you take for a certain level, the stronger your enemies will become over time.

We’re currently working on the versions for Mac and Linux.

We’re currently working on improving the level editor for a subsequent patch. This feature will allow you to build and share your own levels via Steam Workshop.

If you want to adjust the path to certain barracks, you have to select the desired barracks.

There’s a button on the mini map to increase the game speed.

This is a known issue which can be solved with the following workaround. Please open the menu and click on "Back to Keep". Afterwards, the game should work again as intended.

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