Where is the savegame path on my computer?

You can find your savegames here:

Windows 7/8/10: C:\Benutzer\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Daedalic Entertainment GmbH\Silence\savegames
Mac (bought on Steam): /*user*/Library/Application Support/Daedalic Entertainment GmbH/Silence
Mac (bought in the App Store or other online stores): /Users//Library/Containers/de.daedalic.silence/Data/Library/Application Support/Daedalic Entertainment GmbH/silence
Linux: /home/*user*/.local/share/Daedalic Entertainment GmbH/silence

All savegames for the 1.1.20227 version of Silence


1. The bunker
Noah and Renie in the bunker.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 1. The bunker (44,3 KB)

2. The bunker (destroyed)
Noah is trapped in the destroyed bunker.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 2. The bunker (destroyed) (89,0 KB)

3. Inside the worldworm
Noah tries to get out.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 3. Inside the worldworm (90,3 KB)

4. Outside the worldworm
Noah is looking for a way up.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 4. Outside the worldworm (110 KB)

5. Kalimar bridge
Kyra and Noah try to blow up the bridge to Kalmiar

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 5. Kalimar bridge (104 KB)

6. The Swamp
Renie and Samuel find Horus trapped in a flesh-eating plant.


7. The Swamp (later)
Renie has a helmet with fire and needs to find water.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 7. The Swamp (later) (141 KB)

8. The honeytree
Kyra and Noah find Horus' message in a honeytree.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 8. The honeytree (147 KB)

9. The bee queen's hive
Noah tries to free Kyra.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 9. The bee queen's hive (161 KB)

10. The honey tree (later)
Noah can pull the roots now.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 10. The honey tree (later) (181 KB)

11. Seeker in the swamp
Renie and Samuel are hiding behind bones.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 11. Seeker in the swamp (197 KB)

12. The camp
Renie is asleep, while the others try to read Yanus' message.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 12. The camp (145 KB)

13. The ruins (outside)
Noah follows the path and finds an old ruin.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 13. The ruins (outside) (106 KB)

14. The ruin
All plants spread their pollen.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 14. The ruin (164 KB)

15. The stone door
A Seeker guards the door and Noah must retreat

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 15. The stone door (180 KB)

16. The ruins (Outside, Renie)
Renie and Spot find the ruin.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 16. The ruins (Outside, Renie) (204 KB)

17. The crater (Renie)
Renie tries to lure the seeker away with the quartz.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 17. The crater (Renie) (221 KB)

18. The stone door (Renie)
Renie and Spot gather the stone cones

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 18. The stone door (Renie) (225 KB)

19. The winged creature
Spot tries to steal the shard from the dragon.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 19. The winged creature (231 KB)

20. Kalimar hut
Renie and the others are hiding from a seeker in a hut.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 20. Kalimar hut (105 KB)

21. The valley of Gods
Noah finds himself in front of Renie's and Kyra's statues

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 21. The valley of Gods (115 KB)

22. The Valley of Gods (later)
Noah got Kyra's candle.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 22. The Valley of Gods (later) (115 KB)

23. Lumi hideout
Spot is trapped and surrounded by Lumis.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 23. Lumi hideout (115 KB)

24. The crash
Spot is waiting for Renie.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 24. The crash (115 KB)

25. The roofs
Noah is on top of Kalimar's roofs and is looking for a way down.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 25. The roofs (144 KB)

26. The crash (Renie)
Renie got lemon drops from Noah.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 26. The crash (Renie) (152 KB)

27. Lumi hideout (later)
Spot needs to collect the shard.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 27. Lumi hideout (later) (160 KB)

28. The marketplace
Renie found all Lumis.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 28. The marketplace (194 KB)

29. The roofs (later)
Noah tries to catch the Lumis.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 29. The roofs (later) (196 KB)

30. The water route
Renie and Spot need to get to the harbour

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 30. The water route (202 KB)

31. The ship
Renie, Noah and Spot try to get the ship going

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 31. The ship (151 KB)

32. On the sea
Noah tries to find a way to navigate

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 32. On the sea (99,1 KB)

33. The race in the sky
Renie tries to catch Spot

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 33. The race in the sky (99,2 KB)

34. Shore
Noah's sacrifice


35. The lighthouse
Renie is looking for a way to the throne room

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 35. The lighthouse (99,7 KB)

36. The throne room
Renie faces the False Queen.

DOWNLOAD SAVEGAME 36. The throne room (99,8 KB)

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