In most situations, opening the map will reveal your current objective. Although getting lost is a deliberate part of the game experience, if you do find yourself feeling stuck, we encourage you to backtrack; you may have missed an important clue, or you may need to return to your room in the master suite.

Although many items in the game can be interacted with at any time, you may need to unlock the ability to interact with others by correctly progressing through the game. If you find yourself unable to pick up an item you believe to be essential, then it is likely that you have missed an important clue or event – so maybe you just have to try again later on.

The game is saved automatically at the end of each day. Therefore, in order to save, you will need to complete all of the events of any given day.

If you encounter troubles after changing some of the game settings, quit and restart the game. This should resolve the issue in most cases.

The Suicide of Rachel Foster is not a game about suicide, but a story that deals with real world issues. Read more here.
Lifelines around the World can be found here.

This problem appears when the controller in use is not connected to the account which is used for launching the game. Please make sure that the game and the controller use the same account.

This issue appears on Windows if the computer has a 10th generation or newer Intel processor and is most likely caused by a bug in the OpenSSL version used by Unreal Engine from version 4.18 to version 4.21.

To work around this issue, please follow the steps on

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