A viking gets to Valhalla once he or she gained 100.000 honor. You can check how far along he or she is by opening the "Vikings" tab in the main menu or looking at the yellow bar when selecting a Viking ingame.

Vikings who collect resources will bring those to the next best storage. This way, resources are potentially more readily abailable if they are needed.

Your Vikings can rest better when sleeping in dwellings instead of under a tree. Well rested Vikings can work longer and more efficiently. It also increases the maximum amount of on the island available Vikings.

To keep your Vikings happy and efficient, you need to take care of their basic needs like sleep and food. They do that themselves, basically, but they work more efficient if they can sleep in a dwelling and have a bread supply instead of wasting time searching for food.

Unfortunately, hunters are too weak for hunting bears and wolfs. You need soldiers for this task.

This game design decision was made to prevent the fact that the player has to deselect every new viking so he can assign him to another profession. This way, the player can assign new vikings to a profession directly.

The unlocked items can be used only after the level in which the items were unlocked: They will be available in the following levels, not the current one.

At the moment, Valhalla Hills only supports Linux Ubuntu 15.04 and above.

You can blend out the bars automatically by going into your control panel.

Advice: Deactivate the border scrolling and use WASD / arrow map controls instead.

In this case, go to "Patches", where you can find the latest version of the patch. You can download and install it manually.

We are aware of this problem and apologize for the inconveniences. Unfortunately the original development team of the game, Funatics, does not exist anymore and Daedalic is merely the publisher of the game. Still, the remaining team is investigating this problem right now but so far without success. Without being able to reproduce a bug, we cannot fix it. But we are still on it. If you have any additional information on this, please contact us via the support form. Every detail might help.

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