This issue can be solved by restarting the game.

You can’t save your game actively. The game saves automatically as soon as you arrived any city. A reference box in the bottom right corner confirms that the game saves at a city checkpoint.

In this game, there are three available savegame slots to save a new and individual game. Technically speaking, there’s no other option, so please check which slot you want to use before downloading a savegame from our savegame database. We don’t want you to overwrite an existing game.

It’s possible that you entered a city while being poisoned and the venom is strong enough to persist even after leaving this city. The game saves when entering a city, so this could result in your character dying every time when leaving the city. In this case, you should download a suitable savegame from our savegame database to continue the game.

Try to act as profitably as possible. It’s advisable to buy goods cheap in a city and sell it for a high price in another city.
Also, you can haggle with every merchant. This option can be activated with the scale symbol in the middle area of the trading window.

Unfortunately, you walked into a dead end. Please try to avoid this situation from the beginning and keep an eye on your water supplies and money. Download a suitable savegame from our savegame database to continue the game.

“Continue” loads the last selected save slot. To load a specific save game, please click on “Load”.

It’s probably hidden or blanked out. There’s a small piece of paper on the left edge of the screen. Click on it to open and display the quest log again.

We're currently working on a fix for this issue. In the meantime, you're still able to complete the last quest and the game properly by downloading the last savegame ("Chapter 5, Iram ") for your selected slot from our official savegame database.

You can also find a description about how to implement the savegame on the top of the savegame database page. Thank you for your understanding!

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