This issue is caused by incompatible savegames and can be easily fixed by downloading the "savegame31" from this site. Please check your version before downloading a savegame. You can find the version number in the bottom left corner of your Deponia main menu.
After downloading and unzipping the file, you have to move it to following directory on your computer: C:\User\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Daedalic Entertainment GmbH\Deponia 4\Savegames

After that, you are able to load the savegame in your in-game Deponia Save/Load menu.

First of all, save your game while you are experiencing graphical problems. Close the game and please make sure that the Texture Compression of the game is turned off. You can check this in Steam by right-clicking on the game in your library, then select the Visionaire Configuration Tool. In there, you can disable the Texture Compression. After this, you should be able to play the game properly and load the savefile without having to deal with any graphic glitches.

If the issue isn't solved by turning Texture Compression off, please check whether you are using the latest graphic card driver. Very often outdated drivers are the source of a variety of problems in our games. The best way to update your driver is looking directly at the manufacturer's page of your graphics card. Since automatic Windows updates do not always find the latest drivers, we recommend looking for them manually.

It can be found in the install directory of the game in the subfolder "bonus content".
For the Steam version of the game the standard install path is the following under Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Deponia Doomsday
To navigate to the install directory under every OS, simply rightclick on the game in your Steam library, choose 'Properties' and in the following popup select the tab 'Local Files' and click on 'Browse local files'.

Please note: The bonus material is not included in the Computer Bild Spiele version of the game.

The Visionaire Configuration Tool is located within the game's installation folder. It's a visual interface with tooltips for convenient editing of the config.ini's settings. The tool works under Windows only.
Additionally you can find it by right-clicking on the game in your Steam library.

There are two possibilities to do so.
1. This can be changed directly in the game by first navigating to the settings menu and then choose the tab for screen settings. The game will change the setting accordingly in realtime, no restart is required.
2. This setting can also be found in the Visionaire configuration tool. If you uncheck the fullscreen option, you can determine the window size through the panel above the checkbox. Save and exit the tool afterward.

Yes it does. Everytime you see the picture of a datasette in the lower right corner of the game, progress is being saved automatically.

The game can be played with mouse, keyboard or touchpad. For the Steam edition a recommended Steam controller setup is available. Other means of controls are not currently supported.

Older Intel graphic chips like G965 Express support only OpenGL 1.4. Thus, "RESOLUTION = Auto", a setting in the config.ini does not run properly. If you set the value to "RESOLUTION = Desktop" the game may run despite the old chip.

This problem exists due to a drivers conflict caused by outdated drivers. In most cases, updating Realtek sound board drivers.
Special case, ATI Radeon X1950 / X1950 Pro / X1950 Crossfire Edition: This commonly used graphic board is, despite the manufacturer stating otherwise, not completely OpenGL 2.0 compatible. With Catalyst 7.8 or higher, this graphic board will not support OpenGL properly.

Due to the TV's overscan function cropping of all parts of the displayed game may occur. In this case, check if "RESOLUTION = desktop" is set correctly in the config.ini, so the TV may properly scale with the desktop's settings.

'Deponia Doomsday' is not compatible with the AMD Rage performance driver. Please update your graphic board's drivers.

You can find the config.ini in the game folder of your local files:
Windows: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\Daedalic Entertainment GmbH\Deponia 4\
Mac: /Users/*user*/Library/Containers/de.daedalic.deponia4.mac/Data/Library/Application Support/Daedalic Entertainment GmbH/
Linux: /home/*user*/.local/share/Daedalic Entertainment GmbH/Deponia 4

Unfortunately it can happen that a certain cutscene will not play if you skipped the minigame. You can watch the cutscene when you enter the room again (via exit or menu).

This can't be helped so please make sure you aren't missing any important bits.

Loading savegames/quicksaves/autosaves can lead to missing sound effects. They should come back after switching rooms or opening the menu.

If you are using a Realtek HD Audio soundcard it can happen in some rare cases that the audio device initialisation fails and there will be no sound in your game. In this case, please restart the game completely.

There may occur faulty letterboxing after switching from full screen to window mode on a screen with a resolution below 1920x1080. The same might happen on screens with an aspect ratio of 16:10 and a resolution above 1920x1080.
This should be fixed after restarting the game.

This is because the game opened in a wrong screen of your mac. You can select the correct one by pressing ALT + TAB or opening Mission Control.

This is a known issue which we're working on at the moment. You can continue the game properly by downloading the "savegame61" from our savegame database on this site.

After downloading and unzipping the file, move it to the following directory on your computer:
Windows: C:\User\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Daedalic Entertainment GmbH\Deponia 4\Savegames
Mac (bei einem Kauf über Steam): /*user*/Library/Application Support/Daedalic Entertainment GmbH/Deponia 4/Savegames/
Mac (bei einem Kauf über den App Store und andere Online Stores): /Users/USERNAME/Library/Containers/de.daedalic.deponia4.mac/Data/Library/Application Support/Daedalic Entertainment GmbH/Savegames/
Linux: /home/*user*/.local/share/Daedalic Entertainment GmbH/Deponia 4/Savegames

Now you should be able to see and load the savegame in your in-game Deponia save/load menu.

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