No. We have a certain scope of languages we start the Early Access with based on pre-release evaluation and we’ll gradually add languages with the upcoming updates. This process will be heavily dependent on our community and the demand that arises from it for certain languages. Also we’ll constantly polish and improve the localization for all languages.

You can rename your settlement by selecting the main hall or clicking directly on the name in the top left corner and then click on the name to change it. This will also be reflected in your savegames.

If you click on the Day/Time UI element on the top menu bar, you can toggle the day/night cycle or choose any daytime you like. This has no consequences for the in-game timeline and is purely cosmetical.

At this point you’ll have to make sure to save your progress manually, as there is no autosave system implemented yet. We aim to implement it over the course of Early Access.

Yes, by right clicking the according resource, you can swap it out with another one, this way you can also change the order of the resources you want to track.

You can use the shortcut [H] to return to your main hall, or you use the pin symbol in the top right of the menu bar.

You should see a banner in the top-right corner of the main menu that indicates the successful activation of the supporter pack. To use the statues and train, you have to progress to the according cycles (and fulfill a minor side quest to unlock the statues, around cycle 5)

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