No, you might miss a few references but the story of Silence stands on its own and foreknowledge is not required.

Yes, but due to the technical limitations of a 32-bit system, we can't rule out that game crashes, missing textures or videos not being played might rarely happen. We highly recommend closing all unnecessary applications when playing Silence on a 32-bit system.

Silence offers optional hints ingame about what to do next. You can activate or deactivate those from within the options menu.

You decide! By default mouse controls are active when you first launch the game on Windows, Mac or Linux, but you can change to gamepad controls from within the options in the main menu. Please make sure that you have a gamepad plugged in to your system before launching Silence.

After chosing a save slot at the beginning, Silence will save your progress automatically at specific points ingame and after each loading screen. If you want to make sure that your progress is saved before closing Silence, you may just leave the current scene you are in and make sure the loading screen is displayed.

This issue appears with 4k resolution. We are already working on a solution. In the meantime we recommend lowering the resolution below 4k for subtitles to be shown again.

If you are playing on a 5:4 screen, the hidden objects might not be shown. You can still find them with the help of sound and the vibration of your gamepad.

This icon might be a little confusing for gamers playing with gamepad. Try to inflate Spot by pressing RT/R2.

That's true, unfortunately this is not possible in Silence.

Every mini game offers an option to skip it. You can find that option in the bottom right corner.

On a 32-bit system it can happen that parts of the game aren't loaded correctly. They stay black. Restarting the game should make the black areas disappear.

When the player tries to start a second gameslot on a 32-Bit system, the intro video isn't played properly. Please restart Silence before starting a new game in a second/third saveslot.

This problem will be fixed in a future update. Please download savegame 23 (Lumi hideout) from our database to continue playing from there on.
Unfortunately, it's not possible to provide savegames for Playstation 4 users, but don't worry. This problem will be fixed in a future update for the Playstation 4 version.

This issue occured mostly with the following achievements:
- Handyman
- Quite a buggy game
- Sherlock Holmes

We fixed this bug for PS4 EU a few months ago. Please check if you updated your game to the latest version and try to complete the achievements once more. Thank you!
The update for PS4 NA, Asia and Xbox will follow in the future.

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