The Anniversary Edition of "Edna&Harvey: The Breakout" is the same game as such but there have been some major improvements:
The graphics were completely renewed and newly interpreted. However, you can switch between the old and new visuals any time in the game in case you miss the old style too much.
The game has been ported to a new engine, which makes all technical Java problems a thing of the past. Now, the game is running on Unity.
The controls are now modernized and improved, making the game a lot more intuitive and practical.

Yes, you save money when you buy the "Loyalty Bundle" in the Steam Store. If you already own the classic game, Steam will automatically save you 50% of the original price.

This is a Java-related problem that we cannot fix. It's related to memory fragmentation: Java can reserve a specific amount of memory from the system. In the beginning, you can picture it as a huge solid block. Every time you try to load a specific file, a small percentage of this block will be separated and given back, but can never be attached to the solid block again. This is how the block will get separated on and on. Now, if the game wants to load a graphic that requires more memory than the separated block has to offer, it crashes. We already reserve most of the block for the game that we can get from the system to begin with. That's all we can do, as this is a very specific Java problem.
We cannot solve this issue because we do not have control over how Java manages the memory.

We suggest you close all other applications and restart the game.
Hopefully this explains the situation for you. We apologize that we cannot help you with this issue more.

In the near future, the game will be updated to a new engine, which will make all Java-related issues irrelevant.

We have fixed this problem in a patch for Steam and GOG. If you own a German retail version and are experiencing this bug, please install Patch 1.3 from our patches section for this game.

Please go to the main installation folder of the game (usually here: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Edna & Harvey The Breakout) and try to start the game by launching the java.jar.

Open the Windows Tast Manager (CTRL + ALT + DEL) and delete the process "javaw.exe".

Please load a savegame from this area in the game with which you can avoid this crash.

This crash only occurs when you are playing the game in English. In this case, please switch the language to German for this puzzle and change back afterwards.
Kartoffeln = potatoes
Getreideschrot Klöße = wheat bran dumplings
Brei = mash
Hähnchen = chicken
Mokkapudding = mocha pudding
Bienenmann = Bee Man

We admit, this part is very tricky since the wrench's position is not very ideal on the small iPad screen. However, we can assure that it is possible to pick it up; this is no bug. Just keep trying and you can do it! We apologize that the game gets a little bit frustrating at this point.

Yes, unfortunately there is a reproducible crash in this area of the game's menu, which is why we recommend not browsing this area until we have fixed this issue.

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