First make sure to have Settings>Telemetry set on to submit crash reports automatically.
If you have a bug that does not crash the game or you want add a description to a bug, report the bug using the “Report a Bug” button in the main menu. In general, the more descriptive you are in this report, the better for us. So feel free to add as many screenshots or even videos as you want!
Alternatively, if you feel the bug needs some discussion, you can additionally report it in the bugs channel on Discord.

Make sure the game is up to date. Maybe restart Steam once and check whether the game is still not starting. Also, make sure you are logged in the account that owns the game. In case there is an error message from your system, please report it on Bugs in our Discord Channel ( Furthermore, look for .dmp files in %appdata%\..\Local\Daedalic Entertainment GmbH\Unrailed\ and report them on Discord as well.

In case you are located in China, we highly recommend using Chinese servers and in case you are not located in China, we highly recommend not using Chinese servers.
- Method 1: To change the region to China or to something else but China you can select or deselect China as a region in your operating system (Win10: Settings>Time & Language > Region > Choose a region in the dropdown menu there).
- Method 2: In the Steam library, right click on Unrailed!, then on “Properties” and in the general tab click on “set launch options”. Here, enter “china” (without quotes) to force selecting the Chinese online servers or “nochina” to force selecting the non-Chinese servers.

Make sure both of your Unrailed! installations are up to date and have the same version. You can find the version number in the main menu below the title.

You have to open a private online lobby via Play Game>Online>Create Private Lobby. Your friend can then join you by either
- right-clicking you in your Steam friends list and then selecting “Join Game”,
- clicking on your Discord icon and the clicking on “Ask to Join”,
- or entering the session ID after navigating in-game to Play Game>Online>Join Private Lobby.
Or, while being in the lobby, you can click on the + in the Discord message bar and on “Invite to play Unrailed!” to send an invite out to a channel.

Join us on our official Discord channel and check out the crew-finding channel.

Visit the Official Website of Unrailed!

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