Like swapping weapons, swapping ammunition uses up an action, encouraging players to anticipate.

We wanted to keep interaction in towns simple, without too much time going into the search of certain characters or dialogue partners. On the battlefield, this also contributes to a fast paced gameplay with good navigation. However, you can still tilt the camera in different angles for an optimized view.

The Adventure Point (experience) system is balanced towards optimal, constant difficulty. Random encounters or repeatable battles would mess with that system. Random encounters would also slow down the game's pace, significantly harming immersion.

Piles are placed in certain strategic areas. If they'd fall randomly, they'd probably impair a map's intended design.

This game is about a desperate escape followed by a journey. A safe house or a long-term home would contradict this premise. Also, the amount of loot should not be too much to carry around. The game encourages players to decide if they want to keep stuff or not. Exceeding weight capacity has negative effects on your combat performance, so it's another strategic call to make. Having a storage area would nullify this strategic component.

We wanted to prevent unnecessary time sink. Players shouldn't have to run to special vendors just to sell certain items.

Throwing knifes are considered consumables like arrows. If you use them, you have to buy new ones. That's how consumables work.

Window mode is not implemented yet. There is a work around by pressing alt+enter to get into window mode.

The game is optimized towards 16:9 ratio. Other resolutions would cause problems. Fixing those problems would've meant disproportional amounts of work.

We experimented with a flanking system, but ultimately, we ditched it. It would've caused unwanted 'tactical' patterns, having players running around enemies every turn just to get a flanking bonus/backstab.

The wound-system covers this mechanic. By wounding them, you can deliberately weaken opponents.

As long as you have automatic updates enabled for the game you'll receive the DLC automatically like a patch.

Seven new quests
Four new weapons
Ten new battle maps and one proving ground that can be visited again and again to test your strategies, skills and items
25 songs added to soundtrack

The new quests will be available as new side quests and can be accessed during the third chapter of the game and forward.

No. If you already finished the main quest chain, you'll just have to repeat everything from your latest savegame to the final battle. The game will then automatically save for you. Load this savegame after the game returns you to the main menu. You'll find yourself on the world map and are able to access the new sidequests from there.

You're right. Unfortunately, the installation data of "Blackguards" retail version can't be read by the latest Mac OS X Sierra 10.10.5. If you're experiencing this issue, please contact us via support form and we'll be glad to help you out.

Thank you for your understanding.

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