Please load savegame17 or savegame18 to avoid this crash.

Please try the following: go to the main installation folder of the game and right-click on the .exe. Then select "Properties" and "Compatibility", click on "Change High DPI Settings", tick the option "Override high DPI scaling behavior." and leave "Scaling performed by:" set to "Application". Save the changes and the game should start in fullscreen now. If it doesn't, please also tick "Use this setting to fix scaling problems for this program instead of the one in Settings".

If you are using an older version of Windows 10, tick the option "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" under "Properties" and "Compatibility".

We will fix this bug in a future update. For now, please load savegame32 or 33, to either try the puzzle again or continue playing after the puzzle is done.

This bug was fixed in the 3.2 version of the game. If you have an older version and are encountering this bug, try to start the game only by talking to Garlef (not by selecting the hand).
If this does not work, please load a savegame from this area in the game and continue playing with that.

Please make sure that the Texture Compression is disabled in your game. For that, open your Steam library and right-click on the game. Then, select the Visionaire Configuration Tool and turn the Texture Compression off.

Sometimes Rufus slides out of his walkmap and can't find the way back to it. If this happens to you, please try to switch to the main menu and back to the game. If he's still astray, try leaving the screen by doubleclicking on one of the arrows that make you change rooms.
If there are none or if this does not help, please find a suitable savegame from our database and continue playing from that point.

Always make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements of the game. Very often the requirements of the graphic cards is underestimated for our games. However, all backgrounds, characters and animations are hand-drawn, which needs a lot of video memory and a strong graphics card.
Before you purchase a game, always check whether your hardware can provide the minimum video memory (usually 256 MB or 512 MB dedicated memory). Most NVIDIA and AMD cards do that.
Problems can occur when using on-board Intel cards or chips (usually on Laptops) which share their memory with the processor. These Shared Memory cards cannot be recommended because they are too weak to load all the graphics and animations.

Additionally, please check whether you are using the latest graphic card driver. Very often outdated drivers are the source of a variety of problems in our games. The best way to update your driver is looking directly at the manufacturer's page of your graphics card. Since automatic Windows updates do not always find the latest drivers, we recommend looking for them manually.

First of all, you have to talk to naive Goal about the resistance movement. Afterwards, you talk to Nod who is sitting near Bozo on the left side of "Gulliver's tavern". Nod is a member of the Unorganized Crime and tells you that you would have to do something really bold to also become a member - like shaving Donna's cat. When you followed these few steps, the combination of "razorfish" and "cat" is possible.

This issue only appears in some languages depending on how many lines the texts in the dialogue box need. You can work around it by setting the game to a different language like English or German before starting the dialogue.

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