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My game crashes and the Visionaire player stops working (since July 6th 2016).

On the 6th of July 'Plays.TV' got an update which causes all our games that are using the Visionaire Engine to crash a few seconds after start with an error message. 'Play.TV' is part of 'Raptr' and the 'Gaming Evolved' app. Disabling 'Play.TV' fixes…

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Deponia Doomsday FAQ

I'm experiencing graphic glitches and/or other graphic problems in Deponia Doomsday!

First of all, save your game while you are experiencing graphical problems. Close the game and please make sure that the Texture Compression of the game is turned off. You can check this in Steam by right-clicking on the game in your library, then select…

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Edna & Harvey: The Breakout FAQ

I only see a white screen when I try to start the game.

*** This problem has been fixed on Steam. *** Background: This is a problem which was caused by several of the latest Java versions. "The Breakout" was created with Java back in 2007 and lived through a lot of Java updates and changes. It suffered especially…

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My game crashes/has graphic glitches/lags.

Always make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements of the game. Very often the requirements of the graphic cards is underestimated for our games. However, all backgrounds, characters and animations are hand-drawn, which needs a…

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Deponia: The Complete Journey FAQ

[German Retail box] My game crashes when changing scenes.

Please go to the main menu of the game and check whether the version number starts with 3.0. If so, you have to install the two patches which are published for the game. You have to install the 3.1 patch first, before installing the 3.2 patch. The version…

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I want to do a Let's Play of your games. Who should I contact?

Please write a mail with your name, you address, a link to your channel and the name of the game that you want to play to

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How do I generate the DxDiag report of my computer?

To generate this, please press the Windows + R key simultaneously, then enter "dxdiag" and click on "Save all information" in the following window.

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